Effortlessly navigate , edit and proofread legal documents

BoostDraft brings innovation to legal drafting by transforming Microsoft Word into an AI-assisted legal document editor

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Designed to deliver tangible time-saving benefits
User study on time-saving benefits
Efficient navigation without scrolling up/down
40 min
30 sec x 80 scrolls
Assisted editing with automation features
15 min
5min x 3 drafts
Improved proofreading workflow
30 min
15min x 2 documents

85 min

per user a day

Our solution

No more
endless scrolling

Definitions and references show up in pop-ups, so that you don’t need to scroll up/down or manually search

Supercharge your legal drafting experience

BoostDraft frees you from tedious tasks with auto-formatting, comment management, input prediction and more

Perfect your document, protect your reputation

BoostDraft spots any errors or inconsistencies on the fly to help you prepare sharable documents
Say goodbye to installation headaches

BoostDraft is designed to minimize risk and hustle that are common when introducing new software

Security above anything else

Software runs on the device without the internet – your data stays with you

Quick & simple installation

No complex set-up required – just simply click through the installer to be ready to go

Smooth onboarding

it natively extends MS Words features - virtually no training required
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6,000+ users are using on a daily basis
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  • Using every week9.9%
  • Using a few times a month7.6%
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